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Winning bid in Heilongjiang Province Sanjiang governance project supply Reynolds pad, gabbing stone cage procurement

2017/09/23 15:18
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According to reports, as the country to speed up the construction of strategic, overall major water conservancy project, Heilongjiang Province Sanjiang governance project planning embankment total length of 2955 km, of which the new and heightening reinforcement embankment total length of 2537 kilometers, planning drainage drainage building 644, which new , Demolition of reconstruction and maintenance of buildings 278. Sanjiang governance project to protect the total area of 6290 mu, the protection of population of 10.74 million people. Project estimated total investment of 24.3 billion yuan, plans to use 3-5 years to complete. Sanjiang governance project Heilongjiang is to implement the central Hinghui Huimin decision-making arrangements for major initiatives, but also to promote comprehensive management of the Sanjiang River an important symbol. Heilongjiang, Songhua River, Nenjiang River Basin is an important national commodity grain base, energy base and old industrial base, but also the two major plains of modern agriculture comprehensive reform pilot area of the main area. It is of great significance to promote the sustainable and healthy development of economy and society in Heilongjiang Province and to ensure the national flood control security, food security, ecological security and homeland security, so as to enhance the comprehensive disaster reduction capability of flood control and drainage in the basin.