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Central Shanxi Yellow River Diversion Project

2017/09/23 15:26
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Central Yellow River Diversion Project in Shanxi Province, "second Five-Year Plan" an important flood network construction project, this work Baode Cheng Zixin City Yellow Tianqiao hydropower station reservoir water, water covers Xinzhou, Luliang, Linfen City, 10 three four counties (cities, districts). Design water flow 23.55m3 / s, annual water supply 300 million m3.
 Engineering including water works and water works in two parts. Intake works include intake tower, diversion tunnel, pumping stations, pressure pipelines, out of the pool and the like. Pumping arrangement 10 units with a total installed capacity of 80000kW, single design flow 2.95m3 / s, design head 198m. Water projects include General Main, East trunk, trunk and four water west branch, the total line length 383.45km, wherein the total trunk 199.08km, east Route 28.76km, west trunk 85.70km, branch total length 69.91km.
The total duration of five years, the estimated total investment of 7.737 billion yuan.