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Geotechnical solid bag


The earthwork solid bag is the structure of high galvanizing or aluminum and zinc-alloy caged net, lining with high tensile strength synthetic fabric. It can be made by machine, fill in soil, sand, gravel or natural grading, and quickly form a water retaining structure. The geotextile should have high tensile strength, resistance to puncture, aging resistance and frost resistance.

Product characteristics

1. Advanced technology: high tensile synthetic fabric made of single strand single fiber.

2. Structural integrity: no seams except upper and lower cover.

3. Strong anti-scouring: used in channel management play a solid place, the action of slope protection, prevent soil erosion, ecological method is effective structured revetment in governance, strong erosion resistance.

4. Beautiful and easy to be landscaping: for the protection of the slope of the river in the fast-flowing river and the ting, chau and the island in the river, the main body after the completion of the main soil can be directly landscaping to alleviate the shortcomings of the earth transport.

5. Shorten the construction period: unique structure can borrow mechanical shorten construction time limit for a project, local materials, placing the status quo clay, sand, gravel, or natural grading, rapid formation of flexible structure strong gravity retaining wall or bank protection.

6. Excellent physical performance and stable chemical performance: the soil and solid bag raw materials are selected in the chemical fiber boundary to enjoy the reputation of Taiwan, ensuring the stability, anti-freeze and anti-aging properties of the products; Combined with special production process, it has high tensile strength and puncture resistance.

7. Adjust measures to local conditions improved: my company to Taiwan's chemical fiber high and new technology as the backing, combined with the water supply of actual combat experience for many years, my company based on the differences of regional hydrology, geology and climate of adjust measures to local conditions to improve the product make it play a better performance, and the invention is applying for utility patents.

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