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Hard Drain Pipe


1. hard water pipe Profile Hard water pipe known as: plastic blind ditch, drainage pipe, is a three-molecule two pervious three molecules of a high-impact polyethylene of a drainage seepage drains, to prevent the occurrence of secondary groundwater seepage, rapid groundwater discharge go. Polyethylene material is a strong anti-corrosion plastic, while lightweight, tough, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, high compressive strength, etc., it not only has an area of soft water permeable tube is large and corrugated perforated pipes high compressive strength characteristics, but also has a reverse osmosis effect, adapt to a wide temperature range, weather resistance, life is waiting features, but also has good anti-seepage effect, adapt to a wide temperature range, durability, service life waiting Features in the discharge of water infiltration, reduce and control groundwater level, reinforcement of soft soil and prevent soil Slump other engineering measures has been more widely used.

2. Product Features Material Properties:

1, a large amount of water seepage: the opening rate of 50%, and the open-cell structure of the gums funnel form, the wall surface can be effectively rainwater all receive and vented, seepage seepage is more than 10 times that of traditional tubes, net-shaped PE hard water pipe is to replace all conventional seepage control the best products. Fluid flow rate, is the same as the diameter of 2-3 times the concrete or corrugated steel pipe, the bottom portion of nonporous, conducive to rapid discharge catchment, to prevent secondary leakage.

2, anti-settling performance, suitable for soft soil foundation of quicksand.

3, long life: weather (aging) is superior, it can use more than 100 years is not bad, because it is using the new PE materials, will not rot, the best anti-aging properties.

4, high steel ring, for a wide range: net-shaped PE hard water pipe ring stiffness according to the construction requirements and the production of different grades of compressive strength, respectively 1KN, 2KN, 3KN, 4KN and other types of pressure rating.

5, cost: Compared with traditional water pipe, the material costs net-shaped rigid PE water pipe is relatively high, with complex production process, required a corresponding higher production costs, so the overall unit price is higher than other traditional pipe seepage control , but the net-shaped PE hard water pipe without additional openings relative PVC and PE corrugated perforated pipe, the savings in labor costs arising due to manual drilling and drilling and delay the construction schedule due to the resulting loss of working time fee , and because the water permeability net-shaped rigid PE water pipe is more than 10 times the corrugated perforated PVC and PE pipes, so the use of net-shaped PE hard water pipe can save more than 10 times the latter part of the maintenance costs.

Construction features:

 1, handling, storage, and convenient transportation: light pipe quality and not easily damaged, so the easy handling, less demanding on the storage environment.

 2, saving period: the construction is simple, only need to use a simple straight and elbows and other accessories socket connection between the tube and the tube, and the same specifications and PVC pipe fittings specifications, so the connection fitting can be bought anywhere, while no additional pipe processing drilling, saving processing due to drilling waste time, in the pipe without backfilling the wall with a geotextile wrap, simply geotextile tile in the gravel on the basis of can.

 3, lower construction losses: ring softness, and will not be damaged due to improper construction of pipe, because it is the PE material, so even if the pipe is extruded or bending deformation, not easily broken, does not affect the performance itself seepage.

4, can reduce maintenance cost: Because the pipe structure to one side and the side openings not opening, can effectively prevent secondary leakage, strong use of roads and other places of protection, extend the life of road infrastructure. The catchment quickly discharged, to avoid soil erosion.

 5, to reduce construction risk: at this point, particularly in tunnels and other special construction environment, the most prominent, since the pipe itself seepage structure irreplaceable, tunnels and other special circumstances it is in the best of seepage products, reduce environmental tunnels and other special product because of rain too much water, and collapse can not effectively lead to the occurrence of discharge.

 Use net-shaped PE water pipe hard to get praise the owners, supervision and construction unit, the enterprise branding can play a role in promoting good, is the quality of construction enterprises recognized cheap advertising tool.3. Applications

 Railway Construction

 High-speed rail

 Road Construction

 Airport Runway

 Golf field

 Football field

 Large lawn



 Slope retaining wall,

 Large divert underground flooding tunnels and other works

 Building foundation drainage construction

 Agriculture, horticulture underground irrigation and drainage systems

 Jump slippery drainage;

 Thermal power plants ashes drainage. Landfill engineering drainage.

4, using the methods and requirements

Use hard water pipe to a drainage Interchange Case

Pipeline installation using hanging chain pulled into law.

(1) pipeline infrastructure, according to the top of the casing pipe height, with different levels of different forms of foundation. After basic good conduct discharge tubes, calandria position and then press socket work excavation pit (with stable tube with the digging work pit), so that the interface operation phase socket vacant. Pipeline work pit size: Front socket 20cm, after a long socket over ramps 20cm, diameter greater than about.

(2) Pipe

Rope method using artificial pressure pipe, before the next tube, the tube along the pipeline laying emission side prepares well, discharge process, prevent the tube collision damage.

The next pipe, tube weight to find the heart, make a mark and to prevent the disturbance pipeline infrastructure. Looking socket section of the tube flow direction.

(3) Stable pipes and connections

When steady tube to prevent lateral movement of the pipe, the pipe on both sides with two four wedge-shaped concrete pad to support 90 ° angle on both sides of the pipeline, its longitudinal position for each set at 1/5 from the tube end. Countercurrent direction to follow emission guidelines when exhaust pipe. Pipe socket inlet direction should be, starting from the downstream installation.

Section first tube wells in accordance with good stability and a good set of two tube on the rope. Face the pipe socket cleaned. The second section of the tube socket clean working surface, the three-way pipe connecting the same material.

(4) Counterpart

 Use sideline regulator body position, the tube centerline meet the design requirements. The jack socket aligned character.

 (5) test tube (horizontal, elevation) Location

 Each pipe section after the installation is complete, check the pipe axis position and elevation, meet the design requirements, and on both sides of the tube axially locked solid support.

 (6) header concrete

 After a well section pipe installation can begin formwork base concrete pouring tube before form removal until concrete reaches strength.


 1, observe drain the look is uniform color, filamentous whether rounded and smooth.

 2. View Material filament pore size, usually tested and drain its filament density on the surface is very large, which is necessary to increase the compressive strength of the key.

 3, the plastic blind ditch into place firmly pressed flat, feeling the drain of whether compression standard, under normal circumstances, such as raw materials for production of drainage products under pressure not King is not easy squashed, but the use of added material plastic blind ditch long as the hand touch appears substantial deformation.

 The above is in the choice of plastic blind ditch points to note, I hope the majority of the construction unit must do before using choice, so as to ensure project quality. 



 5, technical indicators

 Opening rate, requiring openings ≥75%, the drainage section ≥50%, ring stiffness greater than 1KN, mesh main path> 2mm, mesh area> 7.5mm², the opening rate of greater than 6000 / m 6, detection method and basis

 GB / T11115-2009, GB / T19712-2005

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