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Ecological protection blanket


The ecological protective blanket is made up of two layers of high-strength two-way precision earthwork grille and a layer of two-way precision grille as folded by machine. By adopting the special structure of ecological protective blanket and the complex roots of plants, a “trapping mechanism and erosion control system” are formed which are used for restricting the movement of soil particles. This is aimed at ensuring dense vegetation and firm roots. 


When the slope angle is 45 degrees, the soil fixation blocking rate of ecological protective blanket is up to 99%. When the slope angle is 60 degrees, its soil fixation blocking rate is up to 85%. So we can see that the ecological protective blanket shows excellent soil fixation property. 


According to the local geological conditions, multiple layers of ecological protective blanket and steel wire gauze are integrated to raise the soil fixation blocking rate.  

Advantages of product 

1. The three-dimensional property of ecological protective blanket can “clamp” soil, thus effectively weakening soil loss due to water flow and trample by animals. In this way, the growth of vegetation is effectively ensured. 

2. Owing to the high stability of polypropylene, it is not liable for corrosion, aging and other chemical reactions. Theoretically, its service life is 50 years, much longer than that of the general civil engineering net. 

3. The topsoil of the covering soil of ecological protective blanket will enable seeds to sprout, and the roots of sprouted seeds will quickly wind the ecological protective blanket, thus generating a natural protective network and raising the shearing resistance of the ecological protective blanket to some extent.  


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