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Ecological protection blanket


The protective blanket adopts three-layered exquisite polypropylene grilling and is formed by stretching the earthwork grate squeezing molecules. The two layers of earthwork grate have been laid on the upper layer and the middle layer is folded via machine. The concentrated folding in the central core area offers the highest bearing strength to the filled earth in case of deformation. 

Owing to its high degree of crystallinity and orderly structure, polypropylene shows excellent mechanical and chemical property. It is almost absorbs no water, therefore does not react with most chemicals.  

Because protective blanket undergoes stretching process during production, the basic mechanical property of polymer has been raised greatly, which invests the protective blanket with at least 9KN/m’s tensile strength value. By fixing it in general humus and clay via U-shaped nail of 1.7 m’s length and ф8mm, it can vertically withstand 4KN/m’s upward raising strength of at least 4KN/m. 


The protective blanket is made by stretching polypropylene material and shows great anti-corrosion. The protected and planted grass shall serve as the designed slope, which functions to protect the main slope for the planted lawn from surface erosion.  

The three-dimensional structure is designed as seizing a layer of surface soil which prevents the impact of protected surface by rainfall erosion on the raindrops and therefore inhibits the movement of soil particles.  
Typical scope of application: irrigation canals and ditches, revetment, windstorm, irrigation canal, lake shoal, vegetation protection at the edge of dessert, and coverage at refuse landfill;  
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