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Waterproof board


Product introduction

1.Waterproof coils include OVC, PE, EVA, ECB, etc., and are characterized by good waterproofness, unique anti-oxidation, UV resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good strength and elongation, and excellent ageing resistance.
2.Product feature
Waterproof coil is characterized by non-toxicity, smooth surface, flatness, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, good setting performance, light specific gravity, waterproofness and no displacement.


3. Product use
Widely applied to various waterproof works for high-rise building roof, underground engineering, tunnel top surface, basement, dam, etc.

4. Product standard
1. Physical and mechanical properties


No. Item


GL-1 GL-2 GH-1 GH-2
1 Tensile strength MPa ≥14 ≥17 ≥25
2 Tensile strength % ≥400 ≥450 ≥550
3 Rectangular tearing strength  N/mm ≥50 ≥80 ≥110
4 Carbon black content1) % ≥2
5 Environmental stress cracking resistanceF26 h - - - ≥1500
6 Oxidative induction time under 200℃ min - - - ≥20
7 Steam osmotic coefficientg·cm/{cm2s·pa} ≤1.0×10
8 -70℃ low temperature impact embrittlement performance Pass
9 Dimensional stability % ±3
1)Black geomembrane requirement

2. Specifications:

Width :3000mm、3500mm、4000mm、6000mm、7000mm
Other specifications shall be negotiated by both sides.

3. Size deviation
1) Length deviation of single coil is ±2%.
2) Thickness and deviation





0..50 0.75 1.00 1.50 2.00
Limit deviation/mm ±0.06 ±0.09 ±0.12 ±0.16 ±0.24
Mean deviation% ±6

3)Width and deviation



Width/mm 3000 3500 4000 6000以上
deviation/mm ±50 ±60 ±80 ±100

4)Appearance quality

No. Item


1 Cut Flat and straight, without obvious saw-teeth phenomena
2 Perforation repair points No more than 2 each coil
3 Watermark, mist and mechanical scratch Not obvious
4 Medium and lump

Diameter 0.6-2.0mm, 20 pieces per square meter,

Diameter 2.0mm or above, non

5 Connection end and broken end Not allowed

5. Construction
1. Construction base-layer requirement:
1). The indicators of leveling layer, such as strength, thickness, etc. shall meet national standard design requirement.
2). The leveling layer shall be performed secondary press polish and sufficient maintenance, and shall be tight, non-dusting, non-scaling, and flat. (measure with 2m-long ruler, with no more than 5mm hole between the leveling layer and the ruler.)
3) Internal and external corners shall be made into an arc, with a radius of no less than 20mm.
4) Parapet and gable shall be made into the groove at the coil ending, with the height of no less than 250mm from leveling layer.
5) When coil uses fully-adhered method, base layer shall be dry. Simple test method: pave 1㎡ coil onto the leveling layer flatly, keep static for 3-4h and uncover to check, till watermark can not be seen on leveling layer coverage and coil.
6) Treat boundary drainage slope according to the design requirement, and level out non-seeper phenomena
2. Construction method
(1) Mechanical fixing and bonding of coil and base layer
1) Clear base layer before construction
2) Roof paving of coil
3) Mechanical fixing of coil
4) Bonding of coil
(2) Joint welding and edging construction of coil
1) Welding lap joint of waterproof coil shall be wiped, dried and welded by hot air. Welding requirements include pre-welding and welding. (The angle between welding nozzle and welding direction is 45°. Roll and welding nozzle keep parallel at a distance of 5mm or so.)
2) Coil head is fixed with trim strip, and sealed with sealant and concrete mortar.
3) After the construction of all the waterproof parts is completed, check overall quality inspection on paved coil; in case of damage or poor operation, repair timely; perform 24h water storage experiment.
4) For maintenance engineering of old layers, use “mechanical fixing method” in priority to re-treat former waterproof layer and leveling layer. According to the conditions, it also can use other construction methods.
(3) Precautions:
1) When paving waterproof coil, be sure to remain construction environmental temperature and coil service temperature above -5℃. When performing construction by fully-adhered method, coil service temperature must be remained above 5℃.
2) When paving waterproof coil, add an extra layer.
3) When in construction, pay attention to construction protection. When construction ends each day, coil shall be fixed temporarily against wind.


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