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Earth spraying is a protective method as frequently used
for the ecological restoration technology for high and
steep slopes.


Earth spraying employs granule agent to turn soil into
granulated structure. The reinforced fiber serves as
reinforcement similar to plant root and stem. This leads to
poriferous and stable soil structure with relative thickness
which is resistant to rain and wind corrosion, and is firm
and air permeable and similar or better than natural topsoil. 

Earth spraying

The key of previous constructions lies in the ingredients
and proportion of its spraying base material. This plays a
pivotal role in the plant growth for the first time. Because
most of the side slopes using soil spray-sowing
technology are relatively steep, the base materials as
prayed onto the rocks cannot be kept for a long time or
achieve sustained development. Thus, bare rocks will be
led to once again.  

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